“My wife and I both loved the experience. At an age well over 65, it was a Christmas to remember.”   
JM, Age 65+, Washington State, January 2017

“After reading many glowing reviews of your product, I purchased a bottle….and all I can say is those reviews do not do BOND justice. Oh my word.”   
SHB, Wallingford WA, January 2017

“I know my wife could feel the effects of BOND because I could feel her effects. Think about it.”   
JP, Seattle, December 2016

“I was surprised to learn about the cell rejuvenation cannabis offers. As a postmenopausal woman, BOND seems like necessary maintenance.”   
SL, Age 68, Seattle, December 2016

“I heard about it from my sister-in-law, who lives in Seattle. She’s 65 and says it’s great….life changing actually. I cannot wait until you arrive in California!”   
DP, Los Angeles CA, December 2016

“Although not odorless, BOND has none of the heavy aroma you associate with cannabis. We absolutely loved our experience, can’t wait do get our hands on the full sized bottle.”   
AR, Seattle WA, November 2016

“Bond is a miracle product. No really it is! It has done wonders for my partner and I. People don’t believe me until they try it…then WOW!” 

GB, Portland, OR, October 2016

“Thank you so much for making an amazing product with integrity and efficacy! Bond has changed everything about how I relate to using a product like this and my opinion about cannabis based lubes. It is amazing how quickly and efficiently it works. There is no sticky residue and the body high that is experienced is not heady, yet is very sustainable and lasts. You get your money’s worth and then some from it!”
MT, Seattle, WA October 2016

“BOND slowed us down into a new, more sensual cadence together. I felt more attuned to my body and willing to express from it freely. The intensity built over a longer period of time than usual and the climax was unparalleled…until the next time we used it.”
LR, Musician, Age 31, September 2016

“Epic. We found what we was missing, that connection that was always so intense, is back.  I was breathless and left smiling and content.”
MD, Married 20 years, Age 44, September 2016

“Wife freaking loves it!! Thanks.” 
DS, 40, Oregon, August 2016

“There is no greater pleasure as a man, than to be able to bring & share pleasure with your woman.” 
AS, 37, Edmonton, August 2016

“As Americans continue to explore the boundaries between drug use and sexuality, BOND will redefine the way we think about cannabis and our bodies.”  
Chase Burns, Seattle, July 2016

“Ballpark- thirty minutes post application there was an undeniable sensation that jerked me out of my headspace and into my love cave. It was almost like I was comfortably engorged and…eager. Eager is the best way to describe the sexual craving the product gives you without sounding crass.”  
HS, 35, Olympia, July 2016

“BOND awakened in me a sleeping dragon that I can no longer live without.”
SO, 27, Seattle, June 2016

“I hadn’t used cannabis since college! But since trying BOND, I’ve been to stores (something I had never done previously) and have been “educated.”
KB, 48, Greenlake, June 2016

“After a few uses, I found it to be a powerful tool that gives me confidence while having sex.”  
KC, 41, Spokane, May 2016

“When my partner and I finally climaxed, it was euphoric.”
A & J, Seattle, May 2016

“My wife Jessa and I have found BOND, in a word, to be absolutely mind-blowing. It turns good sex into GREAT sex. The intense sensation that both of us get when using BOND absolutely kicks the ass of our usual go-to’s, such as coconut oil or other lubricants. We’re a happily married couple, and now even more happy now that we’ve thrown cannabis in with our sex. I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough.”   
Ben and Jessa Greenfield, Spokane, April 2016

“After my daughter was born in July 2013 my wife simply wasn’t able to reach an orgasm through intercourse.  So that’s almost 3 years now, poor soul.  Her sex drive has almost disappeared so I was a little lost. I browsed the Internet for an alternative to prescription medications and was exited to learn about BOND Sensual Oil.  Orgasms that could last 15min?  We thought it was worth a try.  Well, all we can say is THANK YOU!”  
FS, 38, Washington State, April 2016

“This product is just awesome. My wife is in her 50’s and it makes SUCH a difference!  Experimenting has never been so much fun!  Lock the bedroom door.”  
MS, 52, Renton, April 2016

“I love seeing the faces of our customers after they’ve tried BOND.  It makes me happy to know they’ve experienced something new and exciting.  I know it’s rekindled relationships and allowed women to be free with their sexuality all while having out of the world orgasms….and trust me I know, because I am also one of them!”  
BK, 30, Cinder~South, Spokane, April 2016

“We reconnected at our 50th high-school reunion. I’m a grower on one of the islands, so I knew all about cannabis….one night he showed up with BOND and our intimate relationship has been taken to new heights; in fact, BOND stays on his bedside table.”  
SH, 67, Washington State, March 2016

“I shared BOND with my friend, she’s 60, she hadn’t had sex in twenty, yes twenty years…..well, she is having sex (and great sex) again! Thank you BOND!”  
CB, 38, Portsmouth, March 2016

“A bunch of my friends have also bought BOND and loved it too. One friend of mine had her first orgasm in over two years because of this!   So I just wanted to reach out and say thank you, your product is amazing. So much that I’ve become an accidental spokesperson over the last couple of weeks.”  
BL, 27, Seattle, March 2016

“Oh wow!!! We will be purchasing more and experimenting. definitely enjoying BOND, so liberating!”  
KN, 46, Portland, February 2016

“We do enjoy BOND very much and will continue to use it long term. We are in our mid-forties and BOND helps tremendously with our intimacy.”    
R & A, 45/47, Seattle, February 2016

“I’d have to say that they were the best two orgasms of my life not just because of how they physically felt, but because of what they meant. I’m an incredibly sexual person, and settling something that had been bugging me for years was really gratifying. As ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like I’ve graduated womanhood.  BOND showed me the way, I can’t thank you all enough.”
PC, 48, Mercer Island, January 2016

“The sensation of my fingers touching my clit was a completely different feeling than the ones I had experienced before, so I knew for a fact that I had given myself a true, genuine G-spot orgasm.  With BOND, I experienced this in ways I never thought was possible.”  
MG, 32, Chef, Spokane, January 2016

“It’s as magical as The Stranger wrote about.”  
MW, 28, Bainbridge Island, December 2015

“We love the product, what more can we say?”
Patty, 38, Mill Creek, December 2015

“Pure ecstasy that will result in multiple rounds and did for me. This is no causal oil. It will cause your lady parts to salivate and not quit!”
AL, 27, Seattle, December 2015

“My girlfriend told me about using BOND with her husband.  She was so “frank” in the conversation and I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. This past weekend, I was in Seattle and got a chance to try it…..needless to say, I’m buying a bottle for us!”
RM, 40, Vancouver, November 2015

“BOND heightened the experience for me in a way that makes me look forward even more to the time my husband and I can play. Just thinking about BOND gets me excited. I was quickly able to peak…and then do it again quite quickly.”  
RM, Mother of 3, Philanthropist, Age 38, November 2015

“The heat and urge to experiment made the whole experience hot. It turned me on to see how excited my husband was to see my delight.”  
KTA, Newlywed, Nurse, Age 29, October 2015

“I was initially skeptical, but took the time to relax and in 30 minutes the sensation took over. To say it was an out of body experience is to put it mildly. The time we spent together was ethereal, long lasting and out of this world. I literally collapsed from exhaustion, pleasure and inner calm. Using BOND brought us together in ways I never could have imagined.”  
KB, Single Mom, Athlete, Age 47, October 2015

“In a nutshell, I think using BOND helped us because we are so busy and now we look forward to the time in the bedroom rather than it feeling like something we feel we should be doing. BOND brings the excitement and anticipation back into the picture.”   
NR, Mother of 2, Business owner, Age 35, September 2015